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Hello! We are CBBC


We promote OPEN MARKETS FOR TRADE AND INVESTMENT and thrive for the creation of a favourable environment for investment between the UK and Africa.

 We support the deepening UK-Africa trade relations through trade cooperation, facilitating bilateral agreements between other EU Countries and Africa, and support EU Businesses to access African Markets, expand or win governmental contracts.

 Beyond bilateral agreements, we foster cooperation between the EU and African to realise multilateral agreements to bring economic advantages to all parties.

 We support EU and UK companies to access low sourcing markets in Africa and work with local businesses in Africa to give them a global presence. Using our partners’ expertise, we provide expert advice and technical assistance to develop our members giving them a competitive edge in the EU Market.

We support the TIMELY DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS and strive to REMOVE THE ADMINISTRATIVE HURDLES that our member companies face when integrating their UK or African activities.

We foster responsible business conduct