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Hello! We are CBBC

Low Cost Sourcing

The growing rate of market consumption continues to drive changes in manufacturing and retail sector. The pace isn’t slowing down. Consumer demands are accelerating faster than ever, and businesses are adopting new practices to fulfil customer needs.

Growth opportunities are limited only by customer pricing expectations. Our experienced procurement teams have helped businesses and continue to support businesses remain competitive by extending their sourcing reach. The traditional strategy of sourcing within local markets is giving way to a broader, more international approach to global sourcing – specifically from low cost countries.

With our knowledge of African Market and our connections, we are well placed to get you a good deal in whichever country you want to source from.

As manufacturing or trading companies often have their revenues tied up in supplies and materials, Low Cost Country Sourcing is a highly effective way of releasing trapped cash and improving profitability.

How We Help

We can help you transition to Low Cost Country Sourcing from the planning stage to implementation.  Our experts have helped customers to understand how a new country strategy can impact their wider business objectives in the medium/long term. If you are looking for low sourcing options in Africa, we will help to answer the questions of risk and research on your behalf whether goods will be available or not? We can also work with our reputable partners for certification and safety standards.

What We Do

Our inhouse experts and experienced improving the way businesses source products and services necessary to their success by viewing the world as a global marketplace. Awe will act as a sourcing hub between your business and Africa by helping to deliver:

  • A Comprehensive supplier identification and qualification services
  • Local support for supplier quotations in low cost countries
  • Local site audits and reviews to ensure rapid implementation
  • Mitigated risks and costs around new supplier development
  • New savings
  • Linguistic capabilities (11 languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Arabic.) and ongoing support
  • A repository for all activity – helping to build your “local” intellectual property