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Hello! We are ABBC

Market Entry


ABBC helps members to Understand and exploit their competitive advantage by offering trusted knowledge and information which allows them to plan their business success in the EU, the UK or in Africa. 


ABBC expert team will guide members in three easy steps starting with a free in-depth consultation, qualifying the elements they need whilst providing valued advice, and on defined criteria, delivering the practical insights that form members’ roadmap to Africa or UK /EU market.


Building relationships is the cornerstone of business success and ABBC helps in Identifying the right partners in any African Country for a UK /EU Businesses.We equally make introductions for African businesses looking for partnerships in the UK and Europe, by leveraging substantial in-market know-how, connecting businesses with potential clients, partners or distributors in their sector based on their specific requirements.


Visiting African for businesses based or visiting the UK for Africa based businesses is a great way to build knowledge, find contacts, meet potential partners and assess opportunities. Members of ABBC have experience in planning such visits.

ABBC will plan and deliver tailored market visits and familiarisation programmes for businesses exploring Africa or the United Kingdom or Europe in general. Our visits are designed to provide a comprehensive view of a selected African country or UK business culture, as well as invaluable contacts to support decision making.

Most African Government have started organising Diaspora Forum to promote business opportunities in their countries, and ABBC will also take advantage of these fora to foster relationships between governmentalagencies and potential UK and European investors.



In some countries like Cameroon, the government’s simplification of business set up process, has made it easier for foreign investors. For businesses wanting to set up in any African country, we will provide support and design the right strategy for legal entity. Choices to be made are not comparable to other markets, and advice varies.

ABBCoffer a free consultation service and provide the transparency, clarity and understanding of each business requirement highlighting possible challenges to overcome, and how to overcome them, from end to end full business set-up service to a bespoke solution, there is no safer way to incorporate. Based in the UK, ABBC equally understand the UK business environment. 

Our consultant and board executive team members have years of experience advising and helping new businesses set up in the UK and Europe and our extended network is equally connected and well versed and experienced to support you through the hurdles of business start-up or securing contracts in Africa.



ABBC can help you to recruit talented entrepreneurial people to support members’ businesses success. Each African country has a vast talent pool, but each company’s success depends on finding the right people for their business. ABBC will help manage the process from start to finish, helping recruiters to understand each African country job market and employment practices, ensuring that they quickly find their ideal candidates.